Discover African, African-American and Afro Latino news & cultures through amazing podcasts

The Moorcast Story

When our Founder, Christian Rikong created Moorcast in 2017, he was simply trying to solve for a simple but frustrating problem: How could he find more Afro centric content (video, audio) and programming on topics (i.e. Business, News, Sports, Technology, etc) he loved and that he could have in one place and listen to continuously while doing other activities (i.e. running, working, etc) ?

100,000 users and countless cups of coffee later, we feel like we’ve finally built a good solution: MOORCAST 2.0 . We’ve invested in AI (artificial intelligence), complex algorithms and robust recommendation engines that power our entire platform. With more than 1 million episodes in our library and a full suite of tools geared toward discovery, we’re confident that Moorcast will help you find more of what you love in terms Afro Centric Podcasts.

If you’d like to chat, drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 240-232-2818.

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Moorcast In The Media

Introducing Moorcast To Cameroon Audience - December 2017
Presenting Moorcast (In Cameroon) At Radio Balafon - January 2018

Moorcast Features

Listen to a variey of Podcasts On The Go

With Moorcast you can listen to Afro centric podcasts and radio stations anywhere and at any time while doing other things like running, working, taking care of your children, etc. Moorcast enables you to discover Afro centric cultures , news, traditions by letting you browse podcasts by countries, languages and genres.

Discover New Moorcasters

With Moorcast you can find and listen to up and coming Moorcasters (Podcasters) in the Global (Africa, America, Europe, Asia etc) Moor community. Each of these Moorcasters (Podcasters) tackle specific topics (Business, Politics, Technology, etc) that they are passionate about. Each of the Moorcasters bring a very Unique Perspective to the subjects they address.

Record & Publish Your Own Podcasts

As a Moorcast member, you can also record your own Podcasts with the app and publish them. As soon as you have published your Podcast, it is available and can be listened to by 1000's of people around the world

Listen To Afro Radio Stations & Podcasts On The web

Don't have an iPhone or an Android Device ? Your Boss does not want you using your phone during working hours but you still want to listen to Moorcast ? No worries we got you covered 😉 You can also listen to your favorite Moorcast stations and podcast on the web. Simply click on the LISTEN NOW button in the navigation bar to Launch the Moorcast Web Player.

  • What is Moorcast ?

    Moorcast is the premier Podcast App in the market featuring content creators from African Descent that tackle different topics regarding African, African American and Afro Latino culture and Experience around the world.

  • Why use Moorcast ?

    Moorcast enables you to discover African, African-American and Afro-Latino culture through podcasts & radio stations. With Moorcast you will also be able to get caught up on everything (news, politics, technology, fitness, comedy, etc) you missed on the Afro culture.

  • Save Money With Moorcast

    Yes Indeed, Moorcast also enables you to save Bandwidth and thus Money since you are listening to audio instead of video. We all love videos but they sometimes take a lot of bandwidth and are heavy on your data plan.

1M+ Episodes

60k+ Podcasts

100k+ Listeners

80k+ Downloads

Our Team

Christian R

Christian is Moorcast passionate and driven Founder and Technical Leader.

Sylvanos Y

Sylvanos is Moorcast Marketing Director. He defines marketing strategies that help promote Moorcast across the globe.

Yannick K

Yannick is Moorcast Software Architect. He designs and help implements Moorcast Back & Front End Architecture

Hedwige S

Hedwige is a Senior Developer on the Moorcast team. She helps with the implementation and testing of the Moorcast algorithms, mobile and web application